David Johnston installed
in partnership the
largest thermal system
in New England on
Laurel Street,
Hartford, CT

Grand Reopening with
Councilman Henri Martin,
Bristol Mayor, Art Ward and 
Owner Dave Johnston
31 years of 
Solar Experience...
Formally Bristol Solar, check out our 
NBC coverage
on youtube.com Sincerely, Dave Johnston
 - The Solar Guy
                     "Making   America   Great   Again"
Because you have given so much you have inspired me to give back to                                                        America
All Capitols
Must have an electric heated hot water. 
Must be within 20 miles of Bristol.
Must own your own home.
1st floor or ground mounts only.
Must pay Federal Taxes to receive 30% rebate.
Reply by email only use "contact form"..
Program is called "MAGA" refer to this program in "contact form"
Ask for complete details on "Maga Program"
Other terms and conditions apply as listed in "Maga Program"
House hold income must be less than $110,000
The system will be sold for cost...  no mark up...Our main system is a one or two panel domestic hot system starting from about $500.00  Email us for updates and the system will available starting June 14  Email us at 31solarsales@gmail.com