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Below, you will read about the rebates, grants, utility incentives, Federal incentives, and State Incentives.

* Rebates and incentives change, and are figured exactly at time of purchase
** This value is based on 30 years of Utility Electric bills using 3% utility inflation

Nothing is permanent this we know, when I started in solar (about 1970) there was a 40% federal tax grant available. The rebates are slowly getting smaller. In most rebate programs the first homeowners or businesses to buy solar get the largest rebates. The problem was, you had to have the cash on hand to get most of the money back. The good news is the price of solar products have dropped because of a glut in solar panel equipment. You now have low installed prices and high rebates. The time to buy is now. A few years ago a solar PV system took ten years to pay for itself, the same system now could pay for itself in four to five years. We figure out the return on investment when you call for an estimate. At that time we can advise you on the current rebates available. As stated on many solar blogs if your present electric bill is $200/mo., and we help you obtain a loan at $150/mo. for several years, you WIN from day one. We have financing available, some finance packages available at 0% interest. Email us today for an estimate and find out how to start saving today.

We are a "no pressure sales" solar company. I have been a solar promoter for 31 years, just love it and it's benefits. Even if you don’t buy from us you should look into what is being offered and go solar, it's the right thing!

David Johnston
The "How much do I Save" page is our most important page
If you have any question email us or call us.  
A family could spend $50,240 mentioned above; but, if you have solar you would save approximately that amount. 
Our Solar Store Is Completely Off The Grid, Saving Us Thousands. 
Solar energy is FREE!! 
It doesn’t cost 20 cent a kilowatt or $3.50 per gallon, its FREE
With a thermal system your furnace is off all summer, your cooling bill may be less, also you're producing 4,000 lbs. less of CO2 yearly.
 In my experience a home with solar PV or THERMAL will sell twice as fast as a home without.
Thermal Systems are more effecient, lower priced but have limited applications.
Each thermal customer has different needs and figures like these are customized for each home.  We are using an average electrical customer below.

                                                     System size to offset about 80%

This is called system size                                55 Gallon
approximate cost of system                              $9,000
Cost after rebates and incentives                     $5,400*

USING 3% INFLATION                           APPROXIMATELY
AND THIRTY YEARS                                      $50,240**

NEW Thermal Hot Water Systems
We are using a home that uses $110 worth of hot water
 per month as an example

Waiting for the world to change? 
"Be the change you want to see in the world" – Ghandi
* Rebates and incentives change, and are figured exactly at time of purchase
** This value is based on 30 years of Utility Electric bills using 3% utility inflation
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